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Ontario Hydro’s Path to Privatization


Previous articles have focused on other aspects of the Harris PC’s role in contributing to Ontario’s status as a ‘Have Not’ province. Today we examine the (partial) privatization of Ontario Hydro and its impact contributing to the fiscal decline of the province. Ontario Hydro –  The Beginning In 1905 Adam Beck, widely credited as being… Continue Reading »


The Decline of Canada’s Economic Environment


This article analyzes the decline of Canada’s economic environment due to PM Trudeau’s decision to halt borrowing from the Bank of Canada. The Trudeau government’s fatal decision has led to the decline of Canada’s economic environment through the following changes; Deregulation of Financial Industry Accounting Fraud Increasing National Debt   Deregulation of Financial Industry One… Continue Reading »


The Highway 407 Hijack – How Ontario Became a Have Not Province Pt 5


In this part we look into the hasty privatization of the Highway 407 that would have numerous far reaching implications for Ontarians.   Highway 407 In May 1999, Ontario undertook the largest highway privatization in the world with the sale of Highway 407 ETR, which was dubbed the world’s only, open-access, fully electronic toll highway…. Continue Reading »

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