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Canada US Debate Over Trade Disputes on Free Trade Agreements


The trade disputes between Canada and US have pit the two warring parties in a debate over trade policy.  This review assesses its impacts. In this review, we look at two significant issues related to trade policies of both parties; the first being a dispute over a commodity, and the second; a trade policy manufactured… Continue Reading »


Binding Clauses and the Hidden Cost of Free Trade


In continuation of our series on trade reform, this article analyzes how the international trading system exploits the Canadian economy through the various binding clauses found within the free trade deals. The deals covered in this article are the Canada US Free Trade Agreement (FTA) signed in 1988 and the North American Free Trade Agreement… Continue Reading »


Fundamentals of the International Trading System


In continuation of this series, the previous article: How Free Trade Costs Canada its Sovereignty, analyzes the overview of the problems free trade poses for the Canadian economy. However, in order to fully understand the root cause of these issues, one must first understand the fundamental ideologies inherent within the international trading system. The international… Continue Reading »

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