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Canada’s Path to Monetary Reform

This series looks at the problems posing Canada by the financial sector, as well as various proposals for reform that are being considered by various academics, political parties, non profit organizations, and other civil society groups.

The series begins with an overview of the problem, how the financial system works, how the financial sector created an opportunity for systemic risk, alternatives for policy consideration, and various solutions to the problem.

1.) Current Fiscal Woes

2.) System Analysis

3.) The Turning Point

4.) Old and the Wise of the 1800′s

5.) Old and the Wise of the 1900′s

6.) The Fatal Decision

7.) Descent into Debt

8.) Call for Monetary Reform

9.) Fiat Debt-Free Reformers

10.) Modern Money Theory

11.) Post Keynesian Reformers

12.) Intricacies of Islamic Banking

13.) The Social Credit Movement

14.) The Land Reform Movement

15.) Hard Money Reformers

16.) Case for Competing Currencies

17.) Shadow Banking System

18.) The Solution

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