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The Unseen Bailout of the Canadian Banks, CCPA Report Sheds Light.


The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) a Canadian think tank, just recently issued a report claiming that there had in fact been, a secret bailout of the big five Canadian banks by the federal government. The report titled “Big Banks Big Secret” estimates that financial support for the Canadian banks reached $114 billion at… Continue Reading »


The Life Insurance Industry and Banks Woes – Deregulation of Canada’s Financial Industry Pt 6


If you’ve been reading the past 5 parts of this series, then you have realized, that on the bank mergers, the Finance Minister claimed to have rejected it on the grounds that it would lead to an unacceptable concentration of economic power, along with a significant reduction in competition and reduced policy flexibility for the… Continue Reading »


Banks Prudently Regulated to the Teeth – Deregulation of Canada’s Financial Industry Pt 4


In Part 1, a general overview from an academic context on the state of deregulation in Canada is provided. It’s important to note that such significant changes such as those made in our banking sector, have taken place over a period of many decades. Thus it is hard to root out one sole cause when… Continue Reading »

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