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Prudent Press is an open concept, rooted in addressing the relative strengths and weaknesses of Canada in a variety of sectors, amidst a growing global economic meltdown due to tremendous amounts of debt, political ignorance, and misinformation. Our goal and what differentiates us from other competitors and mainstream news, is that we provide a full analysis of the on-going events and take care in providing relevant background research into issues, the context the issues are formulated upon, and their implications moving forward into the future. Prudent Press believes very strongly, that events occurring around the world do not act in isolation, therefore, global political turmoil and tensions are interconnected and analysis must cover all the methods in order to fully understand the issue at hand. Our nations of today are regarded as sovereign and independent, yet due to the increasing inter-connectivity around the globe due to trade, finance, energy, and others, this is becoming less so. The largest and most powerful industries (i.e. the financial, oil, nuclear industry, etc) and their connections with Canada are given utmost attention due to the very profound impact these industries have on the lives of billions. Significant attention and coverage is also given to large billion dollar multi-national corporations, wherever it is applicable to the situation of Canada and the Canadian economy. We here at Prudent Press encourage community feedback and have made strong efforts to ensure Prudent Press is web 2.0 compliant in order to create rich diverse discussions integrating all Canadians towards creating a stronger public awareness within Canada.

We would also like to mention, at times it may seem as if we are overly critical of Canada, however we do it for the best of intentions, because we are strong believers in civil rights, justice and the rule of law, cultural plurality, and free market capitalism. We love Canada!


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