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List of Think Tanks in Canada

Think Tanks are very useful non state actors that play a crucial role – providing research to assist with public policy. Canada is home to over 20 different Think Tanks producing a varied amount of research for governments to use.

What are Think Tanks?

A think tank can be in the form of an organization, corporation, institute, or other public body conducting research for the purposes of formulating public policy.

In Canada, think tanks are often non-profit organizations and usually receive tax exempt status.

Think tanks may produce research that is ideological in nature and aligned with those that fund them.

Think tanks may be primarily funded by governments, but have also been known to be funded by other parties such as interest groups, or businesses as well. Some think tanks may also receive income from consulting or research work as well.

Links to Canadian Think Tanks

Included below is a list of Think Tanks

Think Tanks in Canada   – Policy Alternatives – Canadian Council on Social Development – Centre for International Governance Innovation – Canadian Defense and Foreign Affairs Institute – Atlantic Provinces Economic Council – Atlantic Institute for Market Studies – Institute for Research on Public Policy – International Research Development Centre – Public Policy Forum – Canada West Foundation – Fraser Institute – iPolitics – Caledon Institute for Social Policy – The North Shore Institute – Metamode Institute on Public Policy – Mackenzie Institute – Institute for Citizen Centred Service – Institute on Governance – Couchiching Institute – Faculty on Social Sciences, Centre on Governance – Centre for Study on Living Standards


Immigration – Centre for Immigration Policy Reform



Health Research Agencies


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  1. It is sad that you only included the anti-immigrant far-right group in the list of immigration related think tanks while ignoring the work done by the likes of Maytree foundation (

    Also, mention of a few science-related groups such as Canadian assoc for advancement of science and the Canadian sceince policy centre would be greatly appreciated.
    The links are here, feel free to list them:

    Thanks in advance!

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