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The Opposition Attacks – Centralization of Media Ownership in Canada – Pt 3


In part 2 of this series, we went over the case of CanWest Global Communications. The case serves to illustrate that an ever increasing centralization of the media communications industry and can lead to a disaster for journalists, publishers, and the Canadian public. Fortunately, there have been media watchdogs, activist groups, and industry watchers that… Continue Reading »


The Fallen Giant – Centralization of Media Ownership in Canada – Pt 2


The Titan To really begin to understand the nuances of media concentration and its influence, we must look at the case of CanWest Global. As explained in part 1 of this series, Canwest Communications used to be a giant in the communications media industry before it went bankrupt due to issues with debt. CanWest was… Continue Reading »


The Blueprint – Centralization of Media Ownership in Canada – Part 1


Freedom of the Press. Sounds like something we take for granted today. but just how free is our press? To make informed decisions, citizens need a wide range of news and information. They also need access to a broad and diverse array of opinions and analyses about matters of public interest. Journalists are important providers… Continue Reading »

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