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The Decline of Canada’s Economic Environment


This article analyzes the decline of Canada’s economic environment due to PM Trudeau’s decision to halt borrowing from the Bank of Canada. The Trudeau government’s fatal decision has led to the decline of Canada’s economic environment through the following changes; Deregulation of Financial Industry Accounting Fraud Increasing National Debt   Deregulation of Financial Industry One… Continue Reading »


The Unseen Bailout of the Canadian Banks, CCPA Report Sheds Light.


The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) a Canadian think tank, just recently issued a report claiming that there had in fact been, a secret bailout of the big five Canadian banks by the federal government. The report titled “Big Banks Big Secret” estimates that financial support for the Canadian banks reached $114 billion at… Continue Reading »


Risky Mortgages – Deregulation of Canada’s Financial Market – Pt 8


In the previous segments,much focus has been placed on the banks, life insurance companies, and others in the financial space. However now, we’re going to slowly move on forward to the mortgage market, because this is inherently where the greatest risks to the Canadian economy lie. In a nut shell, financial deregulation has occurred throughout… Continue Reading »

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