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Into the Boiler Room – Deregulation of Canada’s Financial Industry Pt 1


This series addresses the context and the root causes for the economic crisis, that have affected Canada. This series also analyzes just how “Prudent” Canada’s banking sector has been, and what its implications mean for Canada’s future. We begin by looking into an academic paper produced by Manfred Bienefeld, written in 1992 titled – Financial… Continue Reading »


Pension reforms on the table for Canadians


Harper recently gave a speech on the health of the Canadian economy, and offered some advise for other countries to follow at the Davos financial international summit. The video of his full speech can be found here. The summit housed more than 2,600 intellectual minds from the world’s top and emerging markets. The summit is… Continue Reading »


Bank of Canada surveys find optimism despite weak faith of Canadians


According to  the Bank of Canada Business Outlook study  (BOS) that was just recently completed, employers were found to remain cautious about the economy for 2012, although the majority of those surveyed had expectations to boost hiring. The study is conducted once every 3 months and includes 100 companies. The study is a questionnaire that… Continue Reading »

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