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Testimonies from Both Sides of the Divide – Deregulation of Canada’s Financial Industry Pt 5


Back in 1998, the Parliamentary Committee on Finance published their report and included below were the results. The Committee argued that the mergers of large federally regulated financial institutions posed a significant policy dilemma to the country. The Committee was against large banks and large insurance companies from buying each other out. The reasons for… Continue Reading »


Historical Context – Deregulation of Canada’s Financial Industry Pt 2


Part 1 looks into the insights of an academic in the overview of the deregulation that had been occurring in Canada for the last few decades. This article digs into the historical context for deregulation – a process which had been on-going for a number of decades. Pillar System The full extent of the financial… Continue Reading »


Into the Boiler Room – Deregulation of Canada’s Financial Industry Pt 1


This series addresses the context and the root causes for the economic crisis, that have affected Canada. This series also analyzes just how “Prudent” Canada’s banking sector has been, and what its implications mean for Canada’s future. We begin by looking into an academic paper produced by Manfred Bienefeld, written in 1992 titled – Financial… Continue Reading »

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