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Tax Cuts: On Borrowed Money and Time – How Ontario Became a Have Not Province Pt 4


This series has attempted to address and outline the key conditions that led to Ontario’s fiscal woes, and into it’s position today as a “have not” province.   This article looks at the role that the Harris PC government’s tax cuts and excessive borrowing of cheap credit had played in worsening the financial health of… Continue Reading »


The Provincial Downloading – How Ontario Became a Have Not Province Pt 3


Part 2 of this series gave a quick preliminary introduction to the Harris revolution and a list of the significant reforms that Harris carried out in order to balance the provincial deficit. In the years since, Harris has received a significant amount of flack, due to enforcing policies that hurt the long term prosperity of… Continue Reading »


The Harris Revolution – How Ontario Became a Have Not Province Pt 2


In summarizing the conclusion of Part 1, Rae’s NDP had left a bad impression on many NDP supporters, and the party received heat from all sides, from the private media, business community, and union workers. Their defeat in the 1995 provincial elections was assured, yet the flack they received for “causing” and “sustaining” the recession,… Continue Reading »

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