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Monetary reform


Economic Recovery at the End of the Road


Over the course of this series, we present various proposals for monetary reform. These proposals seek to address the systemic risk posed by the private banking system and establish Canada’s path towards economic recovery. This series also examines the wise intellectuals throughout the centuries that have all consistently been opposed to a private banking system… Continue Reading »


The Shadow Banking System


In earlier articles we discuss several proposals for monetary reform such as full reserve banking, and gold standard systems. Most of these proposals focus on abolishing the fractional reserve lending system used by traditional banks; however, this is not the only cause of financial instability in Canada and elsewhere. In addition to the traditional banking… Continue Reading »


Currency Competition and Alternative Money Systems


Many of the old and the wise-men discussed in Part 4 and Part 5 of this series, have influenced and reminded contemporary scholars about the dangers that are inherent in the private banking system. Well-known scholars thus far have understood that the private banking system is the root cause of the perpetuating debt and unsustainable… Continue Reading »

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