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The Harris Revolution – How Ontario Became a Have Not Province Pt 2


In summarizing the conclusion of Part 1, Rae’s NDP had left a bad impression on many NDP supporters, and the party received heat from all sides, from the private media, business community, and union workers. Their defeat in the 1995 provincial elections was assured, yet the flack they received for “causing” and “sustaining” the recession,… Continue Reading »


Rainy Rae Days – How Ontario Became a Have Not Province


Intro In a trend that’s been on-going for quite a few number of years now, Ontario has been labeled as a “Have Not” province. Rob Ferguson covered this story back in 2008, in which a TD Bank report stated that Ontario was set to receive federal equalization payments for the first time. Equalization is an… Continue Reading »


Poor Value For Money, Auditor General Reforms Delayed


This article explores the reforms and considerations made by the Auditor General during the period the Mike Harris Conservative government were in power in Ontario. Note: This article focuses on Ontario provincial policy, therefore all mentions of legislations, bills, will apply in the Ontario context, not federal (unless explicitly stated). For a quick guide on… Continue Reading »

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