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The Overview of Canada’s Current Financial Position


This is the first article in a series discussing the deterioration of Canada’s financial position and the need for monetary reform. The financial woes Canada currently experiences have roots that reach back four decades. What is most alarming, is that even though Canada is in the best fiscal position out of all the other Western… Continue Reading »


Tax Cuts: On Borrowed Money and Time – How Ontario Became a Have Not Province Pt 4


This series has attempted to address and outline the key conditions that led to Ontario’s fiscal woes, and into it’s position today as a “have not” province.   This article looks at the role that the Harris PC government’s tax cuts and excessive borrowing of cheap credit had played in worsening the financial health of… Continue Reading »


Big businesses party profits, eat more cake with less investment and jobs: study finds


Corporate Tax Cuts A study by the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) found that major non-financial industry firms were not using the tax breaks to reinvest and create jobs. The report is titled: What did Corporate Tax Cuts Deliver? The report stated that by the end of January, corporations will have fully paid their share of… Continue Reading »

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